Proof Theory and Modal Logic
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Some topics covered

  1. -Ordinal analyses

  2. -Theory of Inductive Definitions

  3. -Combinatorics

  4. -Provability logics


  1. -Tutorials

  2. -Plenary talks

  3. -Discussion sessions

  4. -Lots of informal meetings

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A Π01 ordinal analysis of Peano arithmetic can be based on provability logics with infinitely many modalities. The aims of the workshop are to report and to discuss progress on extending the analysis to stronger theories, as well as to study the corresponding logics and algebras from topological, set-theoretical and algebraic points of view.

Topics include but are not restricted to: reflection principles; Turing--Feferman recursive progressions; provability logics and algebras; conservation results for fragments of arithmetic and analysis; ordinal notation systems; topological and set-theoretic interpretations of modal logic.


The workshop will be held in Barcelona

from Monday, April 16 2012

till Thursday, April 19 2012.

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